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Numees Mitchil

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing: Inside the Galveston Historic Homes Tour

5 min read

GALVESTON, Texas - If shiplap, chandeliers, and original hardwood floors are your real-estate jam, then an upcoming event could have you switching off HGTV and taking a trip to Galveston.


The Galveston Historical Foundation is holding its 43rd annual Galveston Historic Homes Tour on May 6, 7, 13 and 14 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Tickets are $30 for non-members before May 1, and $35 after and are available online at Members of Galveston Historical Foundation can purchase specially priced $25 tickets.


Take a sneak peek into some of the historic homes that will be open for tours:


“The annual homes tour highlights the island’s architecture crossing decades of construction and design as well as houses both large and small. Galveston offers a unique collection of late 19th and early 20th century houses that will intrigue visitors and captivate historic house buffs,” said Dwayne Jones, Galveston Historical Foundation’s executive director.



1868 Charles and Susan Hurley House - 1328 Ball Homes Tour Cover House

Charles Hurley, commission merchant and former mayor of Galveston, owned this two-story Southern townhouse with Greek Revival features. Hurley and his family occupied the property until the late 1880s. Heavily damaged during the 1900 Storm, the house was rebuilt with an addition in 1910.


c1880 Alley House - 811 Broadway

Galveston Historical Foundation relocated this vernacular two-room alley house from the 1100 block of Market Street to its current location in 2009. The side-gabled wood frame building represents a typical alley house prevalent in Galveston since the 1840s. Saved from demolition by relocation, the city of Galveston designated the building a historic landmark in 2010.


1904 Thomas and Maggie Bollinger House - 1601 Post Office

Grocery merchant Thomas Bollinger and his wife, Maggie, were the first residents of this two-story Victorian house. The couple rented the house for several years and then purchased the property in 1907. The building’s most prominent feature is a wrap-around double gallery porch that addresses its corner lot in Galveston’s historic East End neighborhood. 1905 James and Emma Davis House - 1915 Sealy James Jefferson Davis, former vice president and general manager of the Galveston Wharves, commissioned Galveston architect George B. Stowe to design this two-story house with Colonial Revival influences for use as his family residence. Born and raised in Galveston, Stowe had one of the largest architectural offices in the state and was highly regarded as a leader in his profession.


1899 William and Ella Dugey House - 3007 Avenue P

William Dugey commissioned this two-story side-hall Victorian townhouse that was completed in 1899 just before the 1900 storm. After substantial damage from the storm, he rebuilt it in 1901 and occupied it for a number of years. The large two-over-two windows on the principal facade open to a double gallery porch that faces north. Dugey was a cotton screwman who worked on the wharves compressing bales of cotton onto ocean-going vessels.


916 Hans and Marguerite Guldmann House - 1715 35th Street

Dallas architectural firm C. D. Hill & Company designed a 5,500-square-foot brick house for businessman and former Danish Consul, Hans Guldmann. Sitting on more than one acre, the two-story residence features both Mission and Craftsman design elements including a tile roof, wide over-hanging eaves revealing exposed rafter tails, and a double gallery supported by square columns.


1925 Joseph and Helen Swiff House - 1602 25th Street

Russian immigrant Joseph Swiff commissioned Czechoslovakian architect Rudolph Mudrak to design this Mission style house in 1925. The one-story hollow tile and brick building with a stucco finish contains ten rooms and nineteen closets, four of which were cedar lined. Swiff operated J. Swiff & Co., a cotton, bagging, and lumber business in Galveston. He maintained ownership of the property until 1970.


1926 Harry and Harriet Wetmore House - 1606 25th Street

Galveston harbor pilot Capt. Harry Wetmore contracted with Johnson Brothers Construction Company to erect a red-brick, two-story Colonial Revival house during the summer of 1926. The property is noted by a prominent front entry supported by slender columns and a side elevation portecochere leading to a rear two-story garage and servant’s quarters. Wetmore came to Galveston in 1913 as a captain for the Morgan Steamship Lines. He and his family maintained ownership of the property until 1965.


1915 Henry Hildebrand House - 3624 Avenue R 1/2 Rehabilitation in Progress, 1st Weekend Only

Henry Hildebrand purchased a two-story kit house from the Aladdin House Company in 1915. The property’s original insurance record noted that “The Fairmont” house pattern arrived in Galveston by train “ready to nail together.” Donated to Galveston Historical Foundation in 2015 - and featured during the 2016 Historic Homes Tour, the recently completed rehabilitation of the house is supported through GHF’s Revolving Fund. The fund is a neighborhood revitalization initiative focused on rehabilitating vacant, endangered, and underutilized historic buildings in Galveston.


1920 City National Bank Building - 2219 Market Rehabilitation in Progress, 2nd Weekend Only


Chicago architects Weary & Alford designed a two-story neoclassical stone building to house William L. Moody Jr.’s City National Bank. Renamed Moody National Bank in 1953, banking operations were conducted from the building until 1962. From 1976 until 2008, the building was used as a museum. It is currently being rehabilitated for use as a private event venue.

Numees Mitchil

Galveston Financial Capital: Services

2 min read

For help starting or expanding your business, connect with the Galveston County Small Business Development Center.


Consulting -

GC SBDC’s professional business consultants help you develop business plans and strategies, identify financing options, prepare loan packages and conduct financial check-ups using ProfitCents, a financial analytical software.  Our consultants have extensive, practical experience in varied fields including marketing, finance, retail and management. Most have been business owners themselves, many have advanced degrees. A Spanish to English translator is available upon request.


Workshops & Seminars -

GC SBDC’s affordable workshops and seminars cover business topics including marketing, finance, management, computers, taxes and executive skills enhancement. Our instructors share their real-world experience with you in our state-of-the-art classrooms and computer labs. Our training seminars are designed to help broaden your business knowledge and improve your skills, whether you are new to entrepreneurship or a seasoned entrepreneur.


Specialty Programs -

Sell your products and services to federal, state and local government agencies, pursue international markets, receive free technical engineering assistance, or obtain discounted professional services through our specialty programs.


Business Library -

Whether you are starting, operating, or growing your business in Galveston County, our business research librarian can help you find the information you need to be successful.  Our business information services include access to our business library -- a comprehensive research and reference library offering extensive online and print business tools and resources -- and general reference assistance in conducting industry and market research.

Numees Mitchil

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: A top-notch service with a resilient team

2 min read

A dependable and trusted service, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group has it. What’s more is their amiable and knowledgeable team. Customers were often satisfied with their services and good reviews about them were abundant on the internet.

Taking care of your car has never been this special with Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group. George Mandair, along with other seasoned managers, frequently receives good feedbacks from their customers because of their trustworthy and good service. They always give their best shot in assisting people with car related concerns.

With their years of experience in this field, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group has also been active in the trades on South Coast of Hampshire. Their good service has been known to a lot of people there for more than a decade already.

Defined as a reliable family run company, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group could indeed handle properly any of your car issues. They can assist you in brake checks, car servicing, looking for good tyres, MOTs, along with free seasonal checks. With their current online service, you can also get a quick tyre quote as well as reserve your tyres for fitting.

In order to provide a fair convenience to their customers, Tyre&Auto depots also provide a local collect and a return service to them. It is recommended to ask their team about the service once you booked.

Stated earlier are some of the services that their entire depots offer to customers. But the company has more to offer and it includes checking of your car’s windscreen wipers and doing a full engine overhaul to your vehicle.


A lot of customers had seen their good skills and capability in handling car-related works, and most of them were pleased with the company’s honest service. In addition, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group offers a good array of free service checks as well. You may inquire at their local depot to find out more about their services.

Numees Mitchil

Tokyo Online Fraud detection firm outs $1b Russian ad-fraud gang and its robo-browsing Methbot

4 min read

A $1 billion Russia-based criminal gang has been bilking online advertisers by impersonating high-profile Web sites like ESPN, Vogue, CBS Sports, Fox News and the Huffington Post and selling phony ad slots, but that’s about to end.

Online fraud-prevention firm White Ops is releasing data today that will enable online advertisers and ad marketplaces to block the efforts of the group, which is cashing in on its intimate knowledge of the automated infrastructure that controls the buying and selling of video ads.

The group has been ramping up its activities since October so that it now reaps roughly $3 million to $5 million per day from unsuspecting advertisers and gives them nothing in return, says White Ops, which discovered the first hints of the scam in September.

When someone clicks on a video that’s posted to a Web page, the video is often preceded by a short advertising video known as pre-roll. The pre-roll slot is sold realtime – within 100 milliseconds – via an automated auction. That click to request the video is what initiates the ad auction, and the browser directly receives the pre-roll from the advertiser that wins, says White Ops CEO Michael Tiffany.

The system relies on information provided by the browser to verify what site the browser user is visiting and that it actually receives the pre-roll ad. “The ecosystem believes what the browser says about what site you’re at,” he says.

Beware Methobot

The gang, which Tiffany calls AFT13, has created a robo-browser called Methbot that spoofs all the necessary interactions needed to initiate, carry out and complete the ad transactions. So Methbot contacts an ad exchange and says it needs a pre-roll for a video on, for example. The system runs an instant auction, settles on an ad and sends it to Methbot, which verifies that it received it and played it.

Then the advertiser pays the entity the website that the browser claimed to be visiting, but that entity resolves ultimately to AFK13, not to Voguecom, in this example, he says.

INSIDER: Traditional anti-virus is dead: Long live the new and improved AV

Beyond this, AFK13 spoofs the geolocation of the IP addresses that the Methbot servers use so it seems they are all owned by U.S. internet service providers. The proxy IP addresses mask the fact that Methbot traffic is generated by servers as opposed to individual personal computers generating legitimate traffic. It also hides that the servers are located in data centers in Dallas and Amsterdam.

This helps Methbot duck detection mechanisms that look for a few IP addresses that generate enormous volumes of requests Tiffany says, enabling AFK13 to sell 200 million to 300 million false ad impressions per day for 1.3 cents per view on average, White Ops says. The fraud network does its work from an estimated 800 to 1,000 nodes in its data centers and operates 24 hours per day, with a sales cycle of 5 seconds per impression.

Methbot further avoids detection by selling the ads on more than 6,000 domains representing about 250,000 URLs.

To pull this all off, AFK13 has amassed an impressive infrastructure that includes:

The servers that generate all the Methbot browser activity.

A bank of 500,000 IPv4 addresses (worth about $4 million if sold on the open market).

A means of registering those IP addresses so they appear to be allocated to U.S. ISPs.

Methbot software.

The software has been upgraded over the period that White Ops became aware of it, Tiffany says. For example, White Ops first caught on to the scam when it noted a small error in an HTTP header used by the group. One value, known as Cache-Control, contained a colon, which violated the specification for that value. Since then the error has been corrected.

Numees Mitchil

Security and Risk Online: 5 cybersecurity trends to watch for 2017

4 min read

As 2016 draws to a close, we can reflect on a year where cybersecurity has played a major role. Even presidential campaigns haven’t been free from hacking scandals and data leaks. The average cost of a data breach for companies grew from $3.8 million last year to $4 million in 2016, according to the Ponemon Institute.

Companies of all sizes have embraced the cloud and open source has become the standard for infrastructure software. Both pose their own blend of benefit and risk. A major datacenter attack or failure could be problematic for many companies, and we can certainly expect an increase in the number of cyber-attacks based on open source vulnerabilities.

What else does 2017 hold in store? Let’s take a look at five trends we’ll be talking about in InfoSec this coming year.

1. DDoS attacks on IoT devices

Cybercriminals will increasingly target all manner of internet-connected endpoints such as surveillance cameras and employ them in DDoS attacks. In the rush to roll out all manner of IoT devices, security has taken a back seat. That means more serious incidents such as the denial of service attack on domain lookup service Dyn, are highly likely. The Mirai botnet was cited as the culprit, exploiting 50 to 100 thousand IoT devices.

Worldwide spending on IoT security reached $348 million this year, Gartner predicts it will climb to $434 million in 2017. But that won’t be enough, because Gartner analysts still think that, by 2020, more than 25% of all identified attacks in the enterprise will involve IoT.

2. Hackers don’t need experience

The tools that hackers and cybercriminals use are readily available and easily within reach of anyone who wants them and has the money to pay. It’s possible to buy dangerous hacking tools and use them with little to no knowledge of how they actually work. This trend will continue to spark the rapid growth of cybercriminals in the wild. Whether someone is politically motivated, disgruntled about something, or a career criminal, off-the-shelf hacking tools make it easier for them to make their mark and will cost companies millions in 2017.

3. Third-party vendors can be a gateway to their connected customers

Businesses can build an excellent security system and put all of the right policies in place, but until they subject all of their third-party partners to the same level of scrutiny, customers will be at risk. Just look at Wendy’s, where over 1,000 franchised locations were compromised by a Point-of-Sale (PoS) malware attack last summer. There will be more incidents like that until companies rise to the challenge of third-party risk management. Policies need to be tightened up with proper oversight to ensure that sub-standard security measures and systems don’t lead to major exposures.

4. Ransomware

The specter of ransomware, which also appeared on last year’s list, continues to rear its ugly head. In fact, with Trend Micro predicting 25% growth in 2017, ransomware looks likely to spread into IoT devices, PoS systems, and ATMs. If you want your files back after a successful ransomware attack you’re probably going to have to pay the ransom, which is what the FBI actually suggests you do. It will be a lot cheaper to take preventative precautions. If you don’t want to end up held to ransom and out of pocket, then you need to act to mitigate the risk. Start by taking a look at our advice on how to guard against ransomware.

5. Shortage of skilled IT security workers

This has been a long-standing problem. When 775 IT decision-makers involved in cyber-security were interviewed for a report entitled Hacking the Skills Shortage, 82% of them reported a shortage of cybersecurity skills, and 71% agreed that the shortage of skills does direct and measurable damage. With more than a million vacant positions worldwide, there have never been more jobs available in cybersecurity. We must work out why college graduates are shunning these openings and find a way to tempt them in.

In the meantime, hiring talent on a temporary basis is often the only route available for understaffed companies. That’s why the CISO-as-a-service or virtual CISO model is taking off and we expect it to grow more popular in the year ahead.

Whatever 2017 has in store for us, we can all boost our chances of success by taking a moment to review our cybersecurity planning and systems to ensure they’re the best that they can be.  

Numees Mitchil

7 Tips On Choosing The Right Rioting Lawyer by Singapore Lawyer

7 min read


If you find yourself in urgent need of the services of a rioting attorney it is imperative that you take time to source for the best legal representation regardless of whether you are guilty or not. Doing so is very important because you may be facing serious consequences such as: serious jail time, hefty fines, probation, a tainted record etc. there are several things which you need to take into consideration as far as choosing the right rioting attorney is concerned.


Below is an overview of 7 top tips on choosing the Right Rioting Lawyer. Taking into consideration these tips serves as a guarantee will help you make the most informed decision when looking for the most qualified attorney to handle your case. In fact, they will significantly increase the chances of having your case result either in a dismissal, satisfactory plea deal or better yet a “not guilty” verdict.


#1: Familiarize yourself with the different ways to find professional and experienced attorneys

Your search for the right rioting attorney is definitely not the time to contemplate hiring your 3rd cousin who you may have previously witnessed win a spending ticket case for a distant relative. This is because, depending on the charges leveled against you, chances are you could end up with a criminal record (tainted image) if you fail to get proper legal representation. This being the case, it is strongly advised that you focus on hiring the best preferably someone with a record of winning cases similar to yours. The best way to do this is to take time and familiarize yourself with the different ways to spot the most reliable lawyers.


Examples of ways to identify professional and experienced rioting attorneys include:


i. Reaching out to professional legal organizations closest to you or within your area. Some organizations may already be having online directories plus major cities and states have legal organizations set up so reaching out to them should be very easy.


ii. Asking for referrals. Ask from those you trust such as close friends or family members particularly those who have in the past hired competent legal professionals.


iii. Court room observations. This applies to a situation in which you have identified an attorney but you are still interested in finding out more about his potential to handling your case.


iv. Checking directories. Feel free to carry out a web search for criminal defense attorney directory.


Once you are familiar with the ways to identify rioting attorneys with the potential of handling your case to your satisfaction, it is advisable to pick at least two or three and then run a background check. Doing so is very important since it will point your towards the candidate who is best placed to represent you and urge your case on your behalf.


#2: Do your research (Run a background check)

With two or three candidates in mind, take time to run a background check as mentioned above. Carrying out an independent research of the candidates is important because it will also help you ascertain the quality of service which you are paying for. During the background check, it is strongly advised that you focus on finding out as much as you can about the legal organization which each candidate belong to. At the very least, they should be from different county or state bar associations. Watch out for Attorneys who belong to the national Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers are better placed since they tend to have slightly more than a passing interest in criminal defense.


# 3: Find out who will be assigned to work on your case after you hire the attorney

Most attorneys have assistants with legal experience who simply serve to help them fill in the blanks on client’s cases. Taking this into consideration, question the candidates about whom else will be assigned to the case with emphasis on the percentage of work they will be given. More importantly, find out how much time the attorney will put in on your case. Also take time to find out what will happen to the handling of your case in the event the attorney is incapacitated, falls ill or become unexpectedly available half way through the hearing for your case.


# 4: Meet the attorney(s)

Do not let your judgment be crowded by advertising slogans. Make sure you arrange and meet the candidates in person. Doing so is very important because it is the only way through which you will able to gauge their legal skills as far as the handling of your case is concerned.

When meeting with the, it is important to trust your instincts (gut). This simply means that: after meeting the candidates, in case you have a weird feeling about hiring any particular attorney, or you suspect that you may be scammed, do not proceed to hire that attorney. Take note, there absolutely is nothing wrong with consulting an attorney and then making the decision not to hire him to represent you.


# 5: Discuss the facts of your case with the attorney.

Besides finding out how familiar each candidate is to cases similar to yours, it is advised that you step up and discuss details of your case with the attorney before making a final decision on who you would like to have work on your case. Doing so is very important because it will give each candidate a chance to enlighten you on how they would handle the case once hired.

Take note, the more information you provide the candidates; the easier it will be to identify the one who is most qualified to handle your case. In fact, it will also help the candidates gauge how much they will rate their legal services to you.


# 6: Review the Criminal Defense Attorney Fees

It is in your best interest to hire the best legal representation which you can comfortably afford. It is however very important to take time and find out what services are you being charged for and how much each cost before finally hiring any attorney. When reviewing the attorney fees with each potential candidate it is advised that you take into consideration the fact that: the cost of hiring attorneys depend on the complexity of your case and the evidence available. Keep in mind, hourly rates are the most consumer friendly.


# 7: Make a decision (hire the attorney whose legal attributes relate well to your case)

After thoroughly taking time to familiarize yourself with the potential of each of the candidates you are interested in hiring to represent you as mentioned above, take time to carefully go through their feedback and then make a decision on who you will hire to represent you.


Keep in mind, after hiring a defense attorney, make sure that you exercise a lot of patience with him/her and most importantly cooperate. Anxiety is usually common through the trial period so find out a way to cope with that in a manner that does not interfere with the attorney or make you look guilty. In addition to the above, in order to expedite the whole trial process, provide the lawyer your hire with all useful and important information in time.


Final Thoughts



Choosing the right rioting lawyer can be a very challenging. This being the case, in addition to simply taking into consideration the above mentioned tips, it is strongly advised that you exercise extreme caution and avoiding attorneys who seem to guarantee you any specific results in your case prior to thorough reviewing all the necessary documents, evidence or even making any court appearance. Simply put, the best attorney will be that on who is honest with you about the possible outcomes of your case and does not make any promises or guarantee any outcomes of your case.

Numees Mitchil

Ultravilla Expands with its New Website and Six New Members also Announced by Bacall Associates Travel

5 min read

Ultra Villa, the world’s first luxury portal for ultra-lifestyles, is expanding into exciting new sectors:  UltraLodge, UltraSail, UltraSki and UltraIslands.  The new-look site also now has UltraBoutique and UltraResort categories, which will showcase true gems of hotels and resorts that should be on every luxury lover’s radar.


Ultra Lodge shines the spotlight on the world’s most prestigious lodges, making it even easier to walk on the wild side.  This section will be populated by specialists offering safaris, wilderness experiences, extreme landscapes, and sporting and hiking centres have all been carefully vetted with the same rigorous approach to quality that helped establish UltraVilla as the ‘little black book’ of luxury villa rental experts.


Ultra Sail is poised to deliver access to small, niche operators in the yacht world, as well as ocean and river cruises.  UltraIslands will showcase a remarkable collection of private islands or islands that house just one resort – for those who truly want to get away from it all, either with friends and family or for their own ‘Robinson Crusoe’ castaway experience à deux.


UltraVilla’s selection of experts dealing in the most extravagant chalets and ski apartments will now be housed in its own section, UltraSki, with many more joining soon, ensuring this will be a true global showcase of the very best. The brand new sections will be populated in the coming months so watch this space!  The redesigned website is also even easier to navigate, and now includes a ‘New’ section to highlight the latest members to be welcomed into the UltraVilla family.  Having passed the stringent vetting process, this month sees six new experts add their portfolios to the directory:


- In Villas Veritas – Laura Blair brings her appreciation of elegance and the very best to the Turks and Caicos. Her offerings in Punta Mita range from contemporary and luxurious sea and golf view haciendas to exquisite beachfront estates.


- Pamela Murdock – A long time lover of the Bahamas, Pamela represents a wonderful range of properties on charming Harbour Island from classic Bahamian cottages to beach houses -including an ultra cool contemporary masterpiece.   She shares her insider tips with clients, such as when is the best time to get a table for lunch at Sip Sip, who sells the tastiest jalepeño cheese bread, where the best deserted island is to have a picnic and where to find the best barbeque (Hint: There’s no sign. Follow the delicious smell to the house with Christmas lights on Dunmore Street).

- Amara Myanmar – Originally founded by a member of the Burmese aristocracy to host European philanthropists who were supporting her foundation post Cyclone Nargis, a share of profits go to the Amara Foundation. Amara’s own unique offerings are:

* The two teak river boats, Amara I and II have only 5 and 7 cabins respectively, and a divine crew. Forget anything else claiming to the best on the Irrawaddy – this is the only way to travel in luxury and privacy, taking in Bagan and Mandalay, and the joys of rural riverine Myanmar on the way.

* The Amara Ocean resort. Three kilometres of perfect private tropical beach in this 25 teak bungalow resort set in the palm groves, on the soft, sandy coastline of Northern Ngapali.  Enjoy spas, excursions to local markets and pagodas, and night-time fishing.

* The Amara Mountain Resort. It really is ‘Tales from the Raj’ in this 10-bedroom lodge in the foothills of the Himalayas, as you play golf, trek gentle paths, meet the colourful local tribes and snuggle by the fire on crisp mountain nights.

- Isola Santa Cristina – Exclusive to UltraVilla member Siglinde Fischer/Charming Places and a brand new property to the market, Isola Santa Cristina is a private island situated in the Venetian Lagoon. Arrive by the owner’s private launch to be met by peacocks strutting on the lawn in front of the villa; enjoy your own private nature reserve on this historical island estate, complete with apricot orchard and vineyard.


 Two new members COMING SOON:

- Schloss Kogl in Salzburg – A picture perfect, fully-staffed castle on Lake Woerthersee with a backdrop of the Alps, and the magical town of Salzburg a stone’s throw away – the perfect base for a cultural stay during the summer Festspielen or January Mozarteum music festivals, or just to soak up Austrian culture and culinary glories, to follow the Sound of Music trail, or enjoy the plentiful sports and hiking opportunities of the lake and mountains.

- Also look out for Excellence Villas, a great new Italian specialist.




About UltraVilla


UltraVilla began as an invitation-only consortium for the world’s leading independent specialist villa experts (limited to the top 5% in their fields) established to provide a hallmark of excellence in that  sector. Now encompassing the best of the best in elite travel experiences, it offers a trusted directory, not a booking engine, for high-end travellers and travel agents to the world’s top holiday rental experts working with the most exclusive villas, private houses, lodges, chalets, private yachts, private islands,  boutique hotels  and apartments. UltraVilla was founded by industry leaders Ileana von Hirsch of Five Star Greece, Andrew Loyd of Loyd Townsend Rose and Marina Gratsos of Carpe Diem Luxury Travel.

Numees Mitchil


2 min read

Gilles Peterson (pictured) has been announced as part of the next round of speakers for EMC 2015, Asia-Pacific's leading electronic music industry event.


The legendary radio DJ and label founder will be joined in conversation by Future Classic-signed Perth producer Ta-ku at the December 1-2 conference, which will take over Sydney's Ivy complex for the first time.


A stack of other industry names have also been added, including Liz Miller from Beatport, Zouk Kuala Lumpur resident Blink and Australian DJ Tigerlilly. Keynote speaker Carl Cox was the first to be announced back in June.


Check out EMC 2015's full list of speakers below. Head here to pick up a pass.


EMC first speaker announcement

Carl Cox (Artist/DJ, UK)

Gilles Peterson (Brownswood Recordings / BBC, UK)

Ta-ku (Artist, AUST)

Liz Miller (Beatport, USA)

Blake Coppelson (Proximity, USA)

Tigerlily (Artist, AUST)

Denise Melanson (AM Only, USA)

Rob Woo (Spin Artist Agency, USA)

Blink (Artist / Head of Programming, Goldfish & Blink / Zouk Club KL, Malaysia)

Anna Fitzgerald (Ministry of Sound, AUST)

Martin Novosel (Purple Sneakers, AUST)

Erin Flanagan (Thinking Loud/Boiler Room, AUST)

Zaran Vachha (The Little Black Book Asia, Hong Kong)

Karen Hamilton (120 Publishing, AUST)

Jessica Krishnaswamy (BBE, AUST)

Reggie Ba-Pe (Sonically Transmitted Disease, China)

Pia Del Mastro (One Plus One Agency, AUST)

Vanessa Picken (Comes With Fries, AUST)

Laura Treacy, (Ministry of Sound, AUST)

Ayudita Hariadi (Ismaya Group, Indonesia)

Kimberley Yao (The Palace Group, Philippines)


Rebecca Florence (Flow & Hustle, AUST)